About Songs of Yemaya

Debut Anthology under the Diaspora Records Publishing House

In the spirit of documenting and recording the Diaspora, Songs of Yemaya, is an anthology capturing the voices of 24 Black women from around the African Diaspora in poetry, essay, short story,  quote and image.

Yemaya is the goddess of the seas, mother of all, and guardian of women’s affairs. She’s nurturing and comforting. Dignified, warm, clever, resourceful, virtuous, brave, and very protective of her children.

Her daughters are passionate women. They are strong-willed and independent, knowing what they want and how to get it. Though extremely devoted to their own children, emotional wellness is a priority. We are all Yemayas, and though related, our experiences are uniquely beneficial and important.

These are the voices of 24 of her daughters.

To purchases signed copies or for retail opportunities, inbox: songsofyemaya@gmail.com.





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